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Mortified: New Venue

We cannot wait to get together to tell our most embarrassing stories. Unfortunately Wisconsin decided to be a wet blanket. But we're not going to let a little cold and rain stop these mortifying stories from finding their way to a microphone.

We are moving our event this Wednesday June 12th from 7-9pm to The Refuge (1000 N. Ballard Rd Appleton). Fox River House who is such an amazing community partner will still be on hand slinging drinks while we sling the stories. Then, after the stories have been told, a group of us will be going back over to Fox River House to tell those stories we were afraid to tell on stage, or buy a round for the story that most made you want the ground to swallow you whole when you listened to it.

We are so grateful for our community - both to the Refuge for the last minute partnership and use of space, Fox River House for sticking by us (we're going to try to get back there just as soon as we can), and finally - all of you that are understanding and come where the awesome stories are. I promise, no matter where these stories are told, they are going to bring the house down.

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