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The Lonely Hearts Club

We are so excited for the next couple of months to be partnering again with the History Museum to generate some stories and conversations surrounding societal issues (Read more below). What better way to start this collaboration then with the discussion of loneliness and isolation that is inherent in this season.

Lonely, party of one - your story's ready for you. Leading up to the manufactured love fest that is Valentine's Day can be hard when you're on your own...Or, in a crowded room. In a world that seems to always be connected, how is it that we can feel so alone? Bring us your stories of misery, folly, or times that perhaps you WISH you were alone. What has that loneliness made you do? Dress up your cat and start an (in the moment genius) YouTube channel? Swipe right when you should have swiped left? Found an unlikely ally or put out a 'desperately seeking' ad? Misery loves company so heap your tale into the lineup for a night that will remind us that we aren't ever really alone.

Get those stories/story outlines/2 min story pitch submitted to us HERE by January 25th to be a part of our Lonely Hearts Club band and mark your calendar for February 1st at 7:00pm to commiserate and connect over our shared stories.

History Museum Working to “Bridge the Gap”

The History Museum at the Castle is designing a two-month exhibit, titled Bridging the GAP Years, 1969-2019, to explore growing divisions in society. Over the past 50 years political polarization, wealth inequality, and feelings of social isolation have increased while our collective empathy has declined. GAP Years presents that data and challenges citizens to creatively close those gaps. The exhibit’s design allows the History Museum to host free programming that will foster community conversations. Rather than simply documenting societal issues, we intend to help residents diminish the divisions between them.

GAP Years will run February – March 2019 and feature easy-to-read graphs that demonstrate political, economic, and social gaps that have formed. Brief reference points provide necessary historical context for these changes. Most importantly, the exhibit provides space and free programs for community members to engage each other. With its portable design, the exhibit will also travel the Fox Cities once it closes at the museum. With your help we can make this exhibition a success and restore our faith in one another.

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