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Ways to Share Your Story

We have a lot of exciting ways for you to connect with the stories inside you in the coming month, so here's a round up of all of the events announced so far.

For our Nonprofit friends, come hang out with us at the Community Foundation to discuss how to share our organizational stories April 3rd.

Storycatchers founder Tara Pohlkotte is delighted to be the April through June Artist-in-Residence at the Appleton Public Library. As part of this, she will be hosting two story and storytelling workshops as well as holding a Living Library recording sessions to capture the living stories that make up our community. You should for sure stop down and have your voice and story collected!

April 7th Workshop is for adults (you totally do NOT need to consider yourself a writer to attend)

May 5th is for youth ages 8-13 (these are suggested ages, if you have an older or younger person interested, let's talk!)

June 2nd will be the pop-up recording booth session recording you and your families, friends, you name it - stories.

We are going to UntitledTown Book Festival and we want YOUR stories to be front and center stage! Bring us those 'You're never going to believe this' stories...Those weird and mysterious, or too good to be true, dark and twisted - - the way you take the prompt is up to you! Get those stories in by April 14th to be considered.

We still might have a thing or two up our sleeves, but for now - come and dedicate time to the stories you carry inside you.

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