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Home: Voices of Homelessness

Home. A simple word that for many means more than just a physical structure.

It's a place where our story begins and returns to again and again.

What happens to that story when the structure is taken away?

Storycatchers in partnership with Homeless Connections set out to capture the stories of those living, loving, or supporting someone experiencing homelessness in the Fox Cities today.

These are their voices. Their lives. And always - their stories.

Listen to the start of the series HERE as members of our community who are experiencing, volunteer or work along side homelessness share their concepts of home. And stay tuned as we continue to roll these stories out to lead up to another community partnership event with newVoices as we express this journey of home and longing through music at their FALL CONCERT.

No matter where you live, we all long for the same thing: Security. Belonging. Love. We all want to go 'Home'.

Music: 'Home' by Cory Chisel

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