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Community Voices: Rachel Crowl

We love all of our Storycatchers community. In fact, community doesn't do it justice, we feel as though we are a family. So you'll have to excuse us one minute as we mom-brag about one of our own, Rachel Crowl.

Rachel first stepped up to the Storycatchers stage in May 2016 at our 'First Time' Live event. She charmed us with her jean-skirt story of the early 2000's because who didn't fall prey to the unfortunate belief that we could somehow be comfortable like in jeans, but in a skirt because we fancy.

But for Rachel, her 'normal' jean skirt moment was a moment of walking into more of her own story. Rachel left Appleton pretty soon after this performance to go audition for a movie role. And, just as anyone who knows Rachel knew she would before she even left, she landed it. {Listen HERE}

Then, she shared with us at Storycatchers one last time before she took the big leap into a move to LA at our 'Awkward Family Gatherings' Holiday edition event in December 2016. Again, she took us on her adventure of more than your typical uncomfortable family dinner, but of telling her family that the boy they knew and loved, really was a woman. {Listen HERE}

And now, the movie she stars in And Then There was Eve is out, winning awards (LA Muse Award from the LA Film Festival) and getting our girl in the spotlight that she and the movie deserves. What's this? Ohhh, just a little something about Rachel in the LA Times.

We cannot be more proud of the way that Rachel is allowing her story to tie and deepen a much bigger story that is being told. We're mom-dancing like crazy back home for you - and can't wait until your next visit. You better believe we're gunna be clamoring for you to share with us some of your adventures along the way.

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