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Meet the Tellers: Jordan Brown and Katie Chicquette Adams

We have been introducing you to the tellers who will be stepping up to the microphone for our April 8th Main Stage event. Tickets are available and will serve as a fundraiser to help support Storycatchers' mission and programming. You can buy your tickets HERE.

Jordan Brown

If I was to give out an award Jordan would win... not most improved, because from the minute he walked in with his story and read at our first Storycatchers Live event, I knew he was a born writer - but perhaps 'Most grown in to himself'. It has been amazing to watch Jordan take this journey opening himself and letting these stories bleed out. He not only has grown into a friend, but is on my 'to watch' list as a writer. Seriously. Get on this beat.

Jordan Brown prefers to spend a lot of time by himself because people are scary. He likes them though, the people. He is a person too and has found a good excuse to be lonely because now he calls himself a "writer" and writers need a lot of time to think about things. Sometimes life is funny and he doesn't always know how to do what he is supposed to know how to do, such as writing a successful and not strange bio for an upcoming event page. This one feels pretty good.

Here one of Jordan's latest stories HERE

Katie Chicquette Adams

I have known Katie for some time now, our families and friendship intersecting for years, but this past year it has been so exciting to watch Katie take her veracious vocabulary and really fine-tune the craft of her writing into more than just a hidden talent, to it being on full display. With just the right mix of wit and sentiment, Katie takes us into the heart of what matters and I'm so glad to be along for her ride.

I’ve worked as a teacher for 15 years in Milwaukee, Neenah, and Appleton. I currently work with at-risk credit-deficient students ages 16-21 within the Appleton Central High School Program. Sometimes I write: mentor texts for students; poems for survival; letters to the editor; stories to give experiences a permanent home; to keep from verbalizing incessantly at my husband and children. I have been thrilled to watch Storycatchers grow and participate in its magic and potency for our community, seeing it connect people who might otherwise live separate lives without intersection. I’m passionate about coffee, The Incredible Hulk, mental health, words, the ever-shifting dynamics of all kinds of love--parental, romantic, filial, agape--coffee (wait I said that already), zombies, deconstruction of inequity--which is why they all show up in my writing on the regular.

Hear Katie's latest story HERE

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