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Meet the Tellers: Kathryn Gahl and Kathy Vivoda

We have been introducing you to the tellers who will be stepping up to the microphone for our April 8th Main Stage event. Tickets are available and will serve as a fundraiser to help support Storycatchers' mission and programming. You can buy your tickets HERE.

Kathryn Gahl

I have known Kathryn since 2013. Appropriately, we met while doing another Live Storytelling event in Milwaukee. I was overjoyed when she moved to the area so we could pick up where we left off - sharing and sparking stories off of each other. Her accomplishments are many, but my favorite part of Kathryn is her intensity to want to know more about everything. It makes her a vivid storyteller and most importantly a vibrant soul who can make me wait on the edge of my seat for a story about a coat.

Kathryn Gahl writes poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Her works are widely published. Kathryn's poetic voice delivers constant surprise – this time about when a coat walked into her life and created a commotion. That's right, a coat.

Here's another story Kathryn shared with us at Storycatchers: The Trouble with Ellen. Listen HERE

Kathy Vivoda

I had the pleasure of meeting Kathy this past summer through my friend and her daughter (fellow Storycatchers teller) Jillian. Since then, Kathy has woven her gentle spirit and voice into our hearts and we are so lucky to have her wisdom and spirit with us. She's the face in the crowd, or across the table, that encourages and reminds you that we are in this together and makes this a true community.

Born and raised in Wisconsin, I have also lived in Chicago, the Twin Cities of Minnesota, Portland, Maine, and Orlando, Florida. I have been a child care worker, an English teacher, a clerk in a department store, a den mother for emotionally disturbed cub scouts, a respiratory therapist, a single mother, a supper club hostess, a desk receptionist in college dorms, and a concession worker selling candy apples at Six Flags over Georgia. I currently supervise cardiac stress tests at a cardiovascular center, but the writer in me is trying to take over which suits me just fine. I have an abundance of stories inside me which lately have been leaking out faster and faster. Happily, I will not stem the tide. ❤

Listen to this past story that shows exactly the wisdom and grace Kathy shares and lives HERE

Tickets are still available but limited, so get yours before they're gone!

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