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Storycatchers Afterglow

We had another spectacular night of stories this weekend, packing 130 people into The Draw and filling the walls with laughter, tears and everything in-between.

One of my favorite things that comes out of Storycatchers Live nights is *more* stories, poems and art. So I'm going to be gathering them up and collecting them in an 'Afterglow' series. Have anything to share? Please send it in!

Here is teller Katie Chicquette Adams' wonderful take on what we created together at our last Storycatchers Live event, Love Notes.

Where Does Love Begin?

Where does love begin--

under the “magic blanket”

or wearing shit-covered shoes?

Does it walk in dressed as Grizzly Adams,

ready for a warm bath?

How does it progress?

Perhaps it trickles down through emojis

or rolls in on the tide of memory.

Perhaps it sneaks away to Madison on a sunny whim,

and is blown by snow into forever.

Whether fueled by predatory lust or

Beatrix Potter or

wicked black metal band t-shirts, it may

teach us varied truths:

“don’t linger in love unshared--

beware love unwise and unkind--

cling tight to those who need you most

(with only one hand if you must).”

No matter how it unfolds,

love will make you look back,

reread the letters, remember the hackneyed

flirtations, sigh in contentment or

longing or regret or

marvelous gratitude and ask,

for better or worse,

“Would I do it this way again?

Would I do anything differently?

Could I, even if I wanted to?”

Thank you for a truly beautiful night.

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