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Lorelei 'Things That Go Bump in the Night'

What happens when those that are supposed to protect you from the evil in the world become the very thing that goes bump in the night? Lorelei takes us on her journey of discovery.

One of my favorite parts of Storycatchers are giving space for stories that otherwise might not have a voice. Lorelei's story is one such story. It is raw, real, and uncensored all the while poetic in form and delivery. There is such power in sharing and creating art through hardships. And watching as the audience leapt to their feet to cheer her on? I'll hold that memory as one of the sparkly ones that remind me the power of both story and community.

*Trigger Warning: Domestic/child abuse and strong language. Life is messy. We try to honor our tellers and their experiences by allowing them to choose the language and content that best brings their stories forward.

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