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Community *Sparks

For the month of November there is a group of the Storycatchers' community that are writing it all out. Every day I send an e-mail with a prompt, goal, or inspiration. And, as little or as much as the community can, they are doing the work of showing up and putting thought to page.

It has been an absolute pleasure to be on the other side of that 'reply' e-mail. To hear and read what is coming up out of these sessions for our community - the raw, the insightful, the silly but always delightful.

Along the way I would like to create space to share some of what is coming up and out of our writers.

Today's prompt was one of the most 'stretching'. It was: Write a grocery list as if it was a letter to someone you love but lost.

I wondered if it would spark anything for anyone in our community. I have learned to let go and I'm so glad I did.

The following was sent to me tonight from writer (and Storycatchers Live teller) Kathy Vivoda.

Grocery List

I wish there was a Dream Emporium

where I could shop for us,

a store that would carry all manner

of off-beat items.

Like shelves full of Time, in boxes

ranging from a split second up to


And vials of Memory-Jogging Juice

sold by the fluid ounce.

And a book like “Astroprojection

For Dummies.”

I would save up my money,

start early in the day to beat

the crowds.

“I need one year of Time,”

I’d tell the clerk,

“and 2—no, make that 3--

ounces of Memory Juice.

And I better take the book

about Astroprojection.”

“Is that for here or to go?”

the clerk would probably ask.

“Umm…you know, I think for here,”

I’d say.

After I’d paid him, I would

park myself in the little bistro

area in the corner of the store,

on one of the overstuffed chairs

near the window overlooking

the courtyard.

I’d unwrap the box of Time and

set the enclosed clock back to one year

before you died, and press Start.

I’d drink an ounce of the Memory

Juice, then call you on your cell.

“Hey, it’s me,” I’d say.

“I’m at the Dream Emporium.

Yeah…that place on the corner

of Larkspur and Vine. Just

wanting to spend some time with

my sister, and I think you’d love this place!

I bought some cool things to

show you, too… Okay…

see you in 10.”

The label on the Memory-Jogging Juice

would say “Lasts up to 2 years,”

so that after you're gone, I would have

another whole year that I could

remember what your voice sounds

like, and the smell of the flower

essence you used to wear.

I would start perusing the book,

wait happily in the corner

till you arrive.

When you’d see me by the window

I’d give you my warmest smile,

stand up to hug you tight

and breathe all of you in.

“I’m so happy to see you!”

I’d say. “Should we sit

outside?” And we’d go

from there.

Thank you so much, Kathy for your beautiful peak into your world and for being a part of our Storycatchers community. And please, if you are writing with us in November, be sure to drop me a line.

If you would like to receive the Storycatchers *Spark e-mail you can sign up at any time here:

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