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Whiskey, Wine and Women

It was the perfect recipe for a Wednesday night. It rained all day causing the leaves to fall and stick to the streets, the air crisp and night falling fast. A perfect night for staying in, or as 30 ladies decided to do, to venture out, grab some paper and write.

Tucked in at The Draw with cozy writing nooks, wine, and whiskey we found our own space and our own words to fill the night. It's scary - - This showing up for yourself. For many of us, even being out on a random Wednesday night with people we didn't know. Then throw in sharing slices of your words and stories? Well. These women killed it. Sharing slips of memories, smells, advice to our younger selves. I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else.

Thank you to The Draw, and to most gracious host of the monthly ladies nights: AJ Miller, for inviting us in.

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