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'Things That Go Bump In The Night...'

This past Saturday we dusted off {some of} the cobwebs, lit the candelabras and haunted the old Monestary, The Refuge, with our most ghouls and haunting tales to date.

We covered everything from being locked in with corpses and bathrooms, dreams and nightmares, fear of the unknown and fear of the very known. Tales of reimagined nursery rhymes, devious books and catholic nuns took us from lighthearted to stark and sobering in the span of two hours.

Every Storycatchers Live event we have takes on it's own special traits. Something that before the event wasn't known and after is hard to put into words. There's something almost like a current that runs through the stories, the tellers and the audience. Something that is being built and shared organically in this story space that's truly magical.

Never has it been more evident than one of our new tellers {not pictured} taking the stage to take on in poetic form and pentameter the abuse she has endured and triumphantly risen from. As she told her tale in a steady voice even though her (self described) hands shook- the room of 120 listeners sat breathless and silent as she took us on the very real journey of what went bump in the night. When she reached the end, the audience hollered their applause, quite litteraly rising to greet her with admiration and appreciation for what she had endured and having the courage to share her story.

We all have stories to share. I am immensely grateful for all of our tellers for giving us a five minute glimpse into theirs.

Stay tuned as we unveil some of the stories shared in the days and weeks to come...

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