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Join Us at Mile of Music

Join us at Mile of Music for Storycatchers: Memories of the Mile

Calling all bands, music makers, volunteers, sponsors and festival goers!! Come and be a part of the live recordings we are making about the importance of music in our lives and what makes Mile of Music so special! Share your favorite memories, your 'firsts', your 'you'd never believe this'... Prompts and interviewer will be available to get you started and then where you take it is up to you!

Find out more HERE And come to the Storycatchers Workshop Saturday 6th, 11:00am

Join us for a look at the importance (and ease) of telling our own personal stories. Participants will get a chance to craft and share their own stories and listen to a few tales by seasoned storytellers. We all have a story to tell - - come and tell yours!

Find out more HERE

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