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Capturing Magic

It's hard to describe the magic that was made this past Saturday night.

It feels like the first day back from summer camp when my family would ask how camp was, and I would struggle to describe an experience that lives outside of my ability to truly capture in words. All I know that Sunday morning, I missed the friends I had made just the night before and I was already excited to get back together next month and do it all again.

I truly had no expectations for crowd turnout. I thought that expecting the close to 70 people who came to the first Storycatchers Live event would be unrealistic - - it was Memorial Day weekend. I was relatively sure that my mom and I would make up half of the audience, and I had accepted that. Lightning doesn't often strike twice. So, imagine my surprise after the first story when I have to instruct people to get cozy together on the floor because all of the chairs and standing room was taken. In the end, we had close to 80 souls hanging off the words off the words of 16 tellers.

...and what tellers they were!

One of the most necessary and inspiring aspects of storytelling is the inherent diversity in our tellers' stories. Even sharing the same prompt, 'The First Time', our tellers each took us somewhere new.

We had tales of first love, first cigarettes, to health diagnosis, sexual orientation and gender revelations, tales of relationships between family members, and relationships with self.

Each person who got up to share had their own delivery, expression...they truly had their own story that only could be told in their voice. And we, the audience in return had our worldview expanded, shared “Me, too!” moments as we giggled, wept and held our collective breath as our inner thoughts and feelings were spoken out loud, or even challenged.

In the end we left feeling seen and heard. One audience member said it perfectly when she said:

“Last night's storytellers were without a doubt the best entertainment around. From laughter to tears and back again -- with no lack of intimacy, honesty, and diversity.”

I can’t wait to do it all again next month… June 25th. And what camp-like experience would be complete without a campfire? So, this time we’re bringing the magic outdoors. Can’t wait to share more.

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