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Mortified: New Venue

June 10, 2019

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Have a story you’d love to finesse? Perhaps you want some support in shaping it into a written document, or into something you can seamlessly tell. Join 4 seasoned Storycatchers as they provide tips and strategies, as well as space to work on stories, for those interested in learning more about how to approach the shaping and sharing of their own stories.

We want YOUR stories by August 2nd!

Hunger: “To have a strong desire or craving for.” We want to know, what makes you hungry? Is it chasing after that elusive dream, the memory of your grandmas biscuits that can make you feel like your six again? Memories of your teenaged crush that you would have done pretty much anything for them to notice you? Bring us along as you explore all of the literal and figurative ways you’ve been hungry.

We want YOUR stories by September 4th!

We all have “that song” that instantly pulls us back to a special moment in time..When the first chords play, you turn your volume way up and tip your head back. A band that saw us through hard things - a musical experience that shaped us in some way. Bring us back to the song that played in the roller rink, to the CD hidden under your bed, reminds you of your mom humming in the kitchen, the soundtrack to your first kiss, goodbyes and everything in between.

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